Alliance Takes Care Of What's Important

The safety and wellbeing of your family is second to none for you, and for us.

Home Security

Trust the residential security experts who live and work in your own community. For over 40 years, Alliance has protected area homeowners as a good neighbour should.

Medical Emergencies

Whether you’re concerned about your own safety or the well being of a loved one, you can relax because the Medical Emergency system is always on duty.

Alliance Connects

You can view system status, monitor activity at your property, watch live and recorded video, arm and disarm your system, set up user codes, and so much more!

Fire Detection

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of Fire Detection Systems for all sectors.

Intercom/Video Systems

Whether for residential dwellings or office buildings, we supply and fit multi-block systems incorporating both door entry and access controlled systems.

Monitoring Solutions

Alliance Security is partnered with experienced and reliable monitoring stations. Our stations are located within Canada and within your neighborhood.

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The Security You Need For Your Home & Family
Your home, precious items it contains, and (most importantly) the people in it, are in good hands with Alliance.
1Choose Your System
3We Stand On Guard
4Out of Sight, Peace of Mind
1Choose Your System

We will learn what is most important to keep safe for you, and build a system to protect it. Whether you are home or not.

Everyone needs something a little different, our staff will work with you and prepare exactly what is best for your situation.

3We Stand On Guard
4Out of Sight, Peace of Mind

We work with only the best providers of quality security products.