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Live Stream Security & Alerts

Stream live video, sense movement, record video and trigger email and text video alerts.

You can view system status, monitor activity at your property, watch live and recorded video, arm and disarm your system, set up user codes, and even control your lights and thermostats—all from easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces. 

If you’re in and out of meetings, traveling or simply home for the evening, you can keep an eye on your business and conveniently control your security system from your computer or smartphone.

Residential Solutions:

Mobile Apps

With free apps, you can take your security system with you while on the go. Using your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or other mobile device, you can connect to your home security system, control it and protect what matters most.


Our Recommendation

Installation of one local sounding alarm unit on each floor to alert the occupants; one of them being a monitored unit to notify the authorities. 

In an emergency situation lives may depend on early detection. Having a monitored carbon monoxide detector will help protect your building and occupants from the threat of this lethal gas 24 hours a day.

Keep Staff Safe And Protect Your Assets With Early Detection And Alerts

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