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Fire Alarms

We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of Fire Detection Systems for all sectors. From conventional systems through to large networked multi-panel intelligent systems. We can provide the right system to meet your requirements.

Conventional Fire Alarm

Most businesses who already have a fire alarm system can benefit from Alliance’s services by utilizing our cost-effective monitoring to take over existing fire detection services. We can utilize new technology to monitor the building with newly installed devices, but also tie into the systems that are in place in order to provide better safety and coverage of any hazard areas.

Specialized Fire Alarm Systems

There are times when a conventional system is not suitable, for example: areas with a high rate of false alarms, or buildings with multiple occupancy. It’s highly beneficial to invest in a specialist system.

We are pleased to provide a free design service to help our customers meet their requirements through:

In an emergency situation lives may depend on early detection. Having a monitored fire detection alarm system will help protect your building and occupants from the threat of fire 24 hours a day.

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