Carbon Monoxide

New Fire Code Legislation

The Ontario Government has passed Bill 77, updating the Ontario Fire Code to mandate the use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Bill 77 states that carbon monoxide warning devices must be installed in residences that have a fuel-burning device such as a fireplace, gas stove, water heater or furnace, or if the home is attached to a garage.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms are now required near all sleeping areas in residential homes and in the service rooms and adjacent sleeping areas in multi-residential units.

The Ontario Building Code has required carbon monoxide detectors in new residential construction since 2011, but this bill now applies to all homes in the province. While there will be an emphasis on public education for the next few months, failure to install a carbon monoxide detector carries a hefty fine.

Local Type Alarms

Local type alarms sound only at the premise and are installed by the home or business owner. These types of carbon monoxide detectors are available for purchase from your local hardware store and are hard wired, plug-in or battery-operated. Designed to alert the occupants on the premise only, they range in price from $30.00 to $95.00.

Monitored Type Alarms

Monitored type alarms sound on the premise and send a signal to the alarm monitoring station. These types of detectors are professionally installed by one of our qualified technicians. Monitored detectors are available from Alliance and can be connected to your existing security control panel. When carbon monoxide is detected, not only will you be alerted at the premise, but an emergency signal will be sent to the monitoring station for dispatching the proper authorities. Current installed price of a monitored detector is $195.00, with no increase to your monthly monitoring fees.

Our Recommendation

Installation of one local sounding alarm unit on each floor to alert the occupants; one of them being a monitored unit to notify the authorities. 

In an emergency situation lives may depend on early detection. Having a monitored carbon monoxide detector will help protect your building and occupants from the threat of this lethal gas 24 hours a day.

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